About 3D

The Regent Greymouth has 3D capabilities in both cinemas, with the use of MasterImage.

For those with memories of the old film based 3D systems that utilised red/green glasses, forget that experience – this is entirely new!! The technology has improved with the advent of Digital Cinema to the point where it really does enhance the realism of the picture and improve the whole presentation – its a whole different experience from the “comin’ at ya” effects of old.

The Technology

The technique is similar in that two images are projected onto the screen – one image for each eye – and the glasses (yes you still do need 3D glasses) use filters to separate the images for each eye to produce the stereoscopic vision effect. However that’s where the similarities end.

Today’s 3D uses digital projection to project 144 images per second (older systems were 48 images per second) with the left and right eye images projected alternately. This produces a flicker free image which is comfortable to watch. This uses circular polarised filter glasses to separate the images which means tilting your head does not affect the 3D.

The Glasses

3D requires the viewer to wear glasses containing special circular polarising filters to get the 3D effect. The glasses are lightweight similar to sunglasses (caution – do not use them as sunglasses!!!) that can be worn over the top of prescription glasses. Although the glasses are able to be disposed of after the screening they can be reused as long as customers take reasonable care to look after them as you would for any glasses.
In future we expect a number of third party manufacturers to produce Designer 3D glasses – just make sure they are compatible with Master Image and Real D systems if yiu decide to purchase, so movie goers will be able to make their own fashion statement with their 3D glasses (the sky is the limit!!!).

Pricing for 3D Movies

3D is a premium movie experience requiring very expensive projection technology and the movies are incredibly expensive to make. Accordingly 3D tickets are priced at a premium above normal 2D ticket prices.

In addition to buying a 3D ticket customers will also need to purchase a pair of 3D glasses. We are supplying 3D standard glasses ($2.00 each) and these glasses can be retained by the customer and reused. For future 3D movies customers will not need new glasses unless they lose or damage their original glasses.

The Environment

In the interests of avoiding unnecessary negative environmental impact, we strongly encourage customers to retain and reuse their 3D glasses (it’s also cheaper).

NB – 3D Compatibility

There are 3 different 3D technologies available for cinemas – the glasses for each system do not work for the others. We have installed MasterImage which uses polarised filters. Dolby 3D and XpanD 3D glasses will not work in our cinemas, nor will polarised sunglasses. If you are planning to buy designer 3D glasses make sure that they are compatible.